Certification in the art, science & bio-energetics of essential oil therapy

Established in 1998, the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy as well as the Integrative Aromatherapy® Certificate Program were co-founded by Valerie Cooksley, RN, OCN, FAAIM, CERT and Laraine Pounds, RN, MSN, who have collaborated to bring the vision of Integrative Aromatherapy to the forefront of the nursing and healthcare profession today. Together, they offer course participants with more than 50 years of combined experience and expert knowledge in several inter-related fields.

This is a comprehensive course certification program for healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals alike. For years, the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy has been at the forefront of the development of clinical aromatherapy in mainstream healthcare and beyond. Ms. Cooksley is proud to be your instructor for this course. Register today and get started on your path to certification in the art, science & bio energetics of essential oil therapy.

Clinical aromatherapy programs are increasingly being integrated into the healthcare system in a variety of settings and for a multiplicity of purposes. If you are using essential oils in your nursing practice it is highly advantageous to become certified through our nationally endorsed educational program. The co-founders of this nationally recognized and endorsed certificate program are accomplished nurse educators and expert clinical aromatherapy practitioners who have collaborated to co-author the Integrative Aromatherapy® Certificate Program.

They are proud to have developed and teach the nation’s leading-edge distance education Integrative Aromatherapy® Certificate Program for the holistic, integrative and responsible use of essential oils in this emerging heath care profession. With a reputation for excellence, this dynamic program offers in-depth training along with hands-on blending practices for a truly unique learning experience.

325 educational contact hours for Nurses. 325 educational contact hours for Massage Therapists.

“Our vision is that the Integrative Aromatherapy® Certificate Program will become a catalyst for the integration of Aromatherapy in health care for the 21st century.”

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